Tuesday, March 15, 2011

One Match

We have met some very interesting individuals so far. The head of maintenance, Dan, has been extremely pleasant to work with. He keeps the group laughing at all times. Dan is the one responsible for keeping other employees' spirits up. The volunteer coordinator, Scott, asked Dan for a lamp over his desk. Dan replied to the request by nailing an entire desk with a lamp, book, and chair to the ceiling. If your wondering, the light works wonderfully! He is also very resourceful when we went to set the brush pile on fire he got it started with a single match.

Dan's son Evan was our task supervisor yesterday. He was quite the character. Like Dan, he had a great sense of humor that kept us laughing all day. Evan has been around Carolina Tiger Rescue since he was a young child. He did a great job keeping everyone motivated during the work day. He also serenaded us with unique genre of music. His dancing abilities were also quite entertaining.

Chris is a long term volunteer at Carolina Tiger Rescue. He was our task supervisor today. Chris is a hard working individual with the ability to facilitate tasks well. He incorporated humor in the work day by assigning silly nicknames to most of the volunteers.

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  1. sounds and looks like everyone is having a great time! still wishing I could have hitch hiked with all of you! ;) loving the updates!!! keep up the great work everyone!!!!